The Magnolia: A simple flower, hearty at its​ core, it’s petals are not easily damaged​ before being beaten away by the winds…


Why after all that has overcome me, do I still stand, surprised at the outcome?

At one time I thought myself a Sakura. A delicate beautiful flower whose petals were here for only a short time before bearing the cherry of the year to follow. A sweet fruit surrounding a hard and sour pit.
I saw that inner pit as all of the grains time had pressed together; the moments of hardship and heartache. The sweet fruit was what protected that seed from the worlds’ vision. The hard innards that you think you are hiding, but that everyone knows are really there, but you pray, oh you pray, they only see the fruit.
Taste the juice I’ve allowed to flow, the sweet wine and not the bitters. The bitters created by tears, injuries to the heart, loneliness, and pain. And not just pain in the heart, but literal pain. Pain in the body too unfathomable for most to comprehend. So I keep it in.
I have learned along the way, that I am no longer a pretty little delicate flower to be worn behind the ear, to wither and die within the hour. I had to become a stronger bloom. Something that signified where I spent most of my life. Where I grew up essentially. Where most of the bad happened, and if it did not happen there, it had its beginnings there. I chose a magnolia.
Its Victorian meaning is dignity and nobility. The Magnolia is a symbol of poise and pride. The strength of its bloom can also stand for self-respect and self-esteem.
The Magnolia is believed to have existed from the beginning of time.
If you study it closely, you will find a flora that is tough and looks as if it is made to survive climate and other geological changes. Hence, it means something that lasts and endures. A southern flower thought mostly to be found mostly in that region, think Steel Magnolias. The Magnolia, however, thrives in many hardy varieties across the globe. There are about 240 species of this native plant that is common to North and South America, East Asia and the Himalayas. The fragrant flowers come in many attractive colors.
It’s primitive in its look. Nevertheless, they depict the strength of character and bearing. It looks strong as if it can withstand time.
This is why I have changed my mind. I used to see myself as a delicate flower, needing nurturing, help, pity. Afraid of any strong wind causing my existence to be completed, blowing me into nothingness. I have recently learned that I am stronger than I think. That I will NOT be blown apart when something evil this way comes. I have survived too much to see myself that way.

So, blow wind, damnit, BLOW.

Show me what you’ve got.

Because THIS damn magnolia is sure as HELL going to blow YOU right back into the damn cloud you thought you would come down and defeat me from.

One thought on “The Magnolia: A simple flower, hearty at its​ core, it’s petals are not easily damaged​ before being beaten away by the winds…

  1. Incredible!!! I love how you write – so descriptive and heart-felt. I am proud to not just know this Magnolia, but to be able to call her friend!!!


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